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Mar 15, 2022

“People are struggling, the need for mental health services is very high right now. assessing our health needs to be done with the bigger picture in mind, not just your height and weight and BMI.”- Katy Harvey

The stigma that people who are on the fat side are unhealthy while those who are slim are typically healthy is extremely pervasive today. This does not only affect one’s mental well-being but also often leads to misdiagnosis. Now is the best time to set things straight and correct this perception. Katy Harvey unpacks everything you need to know about BMI, its effect, and whether or not it is still an accurate predictor of health. Let’s get right to it!

[00:01 - 25:24 ] What Your Body Mass Index (BMI) Does Not Tell you

  • Top 5 Reasons Why BMI Is A Crap
  • What is Body Mass Index (BMI), definition, calculation, and body ranges
  • Medical weight bias causes misdiagnosis
  • Topical Anorexia explained
  • Symptoms and causes of obesity
  • Signs you may have an eating disorder

[25:35 - 28:29] Wrapping up! 

  • Katy’s challenge: Disregard BMI as a measure of your own health and self-worth
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Key Quotes

“As a dietitian who works with a lot of people who struggle with various types of eating disorders and disordered eating, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that sometimes the pursuit of getting healthier can make us very unhealthy physically, mentally, and socially, trying to lose weight can break your body down and destroy your physical health. ” - Katy Harvey

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